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False Prophet, His Fall : Lesson Six

  • America (False Prophet) Fulfilling his cup of iniquities.(1)He denounce Jehovah God when he prohibit devotion and prayer in the schools.(2)He denounce Jehovah God in the juridical administration of justice,by taking the Ten Commandments Jehovah God righteous,just,good,perfect(Law) out of the lobby of the Supreme Court in Montgomery,Alabama.(3)His last wick-ed act he will do to finish filling his cup of iniquity is to enact a (Sunday Law)giving life to the image(Sunday)in honor of the Beast(Antichrist).And a decree will be made by the False Pro-phet that all should Worship the Beast(Antichrist) by accepting (Sunday Sabbath).And all who do not accept the decree should be kill.He then will have finish fulfilling his cup of iniquities.(America)will force the inhabitant of the earth to violate the(4th Commandment),of Jehovah God's holy Law (Ten Command-ments).When this happen the wrath of Jehovah God will fall upon the Trinity of Satan, Antichrist, and the False Prophet. Because they demanded all the inhabitant of the earth to turn from worshipping Jehovah God to the worshipping of Satan. BLUE LAWS IN THE UNITED STATES: Blue laws are laws de-signed to enforce religious standard.That (Sundays) at some restricted time,under the rationale that people should be in CHURCH on (Sunday)morning.America will try to counterfeit (Jehovah God) 7th day Sabbath with the 1st day Sunday.(America) will have made no different between the Holy things of Jehovah God and the common things,and will profane against God.With that in mind even now is America truly one nation under Jehovah God. Or one nation under the inspiration of Satan.
Posted by sugardaddy on 06/07/2015
Last updated on 08/02/2019
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