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The Fall of New Babylon : Lesson Eight

  • THE FALL OF BABYLON : In the new testament
  • The Babylon in the new testament is found in Rev.17:1-18 Forcus point(V-5) Mystery Babylon The Great,The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth
  • (Rev.17:4) Woman Babylon has a golden cup in her hand this golden cup symbolizes the vessels that was consecrated and dedicated to be use in the worship of Jehovah God.But ancient Babylon profane those vessels.In the new testament Babylon this golden cup in her hand is something else that belong to Jehovah God that she also is profaning,that golden cup symbolize God's Holy Day 7th Day Sabbath.Which she claim to have the power to change the 4th Commandment of Jehovah God Holy Law,by trying to counterfeit,God's Holy Day the 7th Day Sabbath with the 1st day sunday,she make no different between the Holy and the common.Thinking that she (Antichrist)believe that she could do such,have deceive the world to believe that the Lord Holy Day is sunday.To turn the people from the worship of Jehovah God to the worshipping of herself(Antichrist).She will fulfill her cup of iniquity along with the false prophet(America)and the dragon(Satan) because they all are one with the same evil spirit,to blaspheme aganist Jehovah God. Babylon is a false system of worship set up by the dragon (Satan)God is calling his people out of that false system of worship.(Rev.18:2,4,5) "Babylon the great is fallen is fallen,and is become the habitation of devils,and the hold of every foul spirit.(V-4)And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,Come out of her,my people,that ye be not partakers of her sins,and that ye receive not her plagues.(V-5) For her sins have reach unto heaven,and God hath remember her iniquities."
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