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Lucifer Cast Out Of Heaven

Why was Lucifer cast out of heaven? (1 John 3:4,8) "Sin is transgression of the Law"....(Ten Commandments)"For the devil sinneth from the beginning."When Lucifer sin against God Character Ten Commandments, God extended mercy toward Lucifer giving him time to confess his sin and repent and seek forgiveness. God would have forgiven Lucifer for his sin, but Lucifer rejected God mercy. And when the time period of mercy ended, Lucifer and his angels was cast out. There was nothing else God could do for Lucifer, but to cast him and his angels out of heaven.

  • The same thing that happen to Lucifer, the same things is going to happen to people in the judgment hour. For we all have sin against God Character (Ten Commandments) just like Lucifer. And God have extended his mercy toward his people just like he did with Lucifer. God is pleading with his people through his ministers to accept God mercy, and confess their sins and repent and turn their hearts back to God and obey all of the characteristics of God Character (Ten Commandments). So let us not be like Lucifer and let God time of mercy end on us, our fate will be like that of Lucifer.

  • For the end time period of mercy is at hand. (Revelation 14:7) "Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters." There is no more prophetic time left, the last prophetic time was 2300 years. The starting point was 457 year BC the heavenly sanctuary would be cleanse.This happen when Jesus Christ move from the holy place to the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary to eradicate sin and unrepent sinners forever. This happen in 1843 calculation 2300yrs-457yrs=yr of 1843.

Posted by sugardaddy on 08/30/2017
Last updated on 07/21/2021
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